SubController App

The full potential of bass reproduction

The SubController App from Velodyne Acoustics allows you to adjust the bass response to suit your room and listening preferences. Fine-tuning is thus quite simple with a quick reach to the smartphone without leaving the comfortable seat.

SubController App

The subwoofers from Velodyne Acoustics

basically already offer a distinctly distortion-free bass reproduction and an impressive performance. With the SubController app, the high-quality deep bass systems such as the SPL-X are perfectly adapted to one’s own taste as well as the environment. The full potential of the supported subwoofers is thus conveniently unleashed in the living room and every setting always remains exactly in view on the smartphone display. With the software, the most important adjustments such as level, phase and crossover frequency can be made without reaching behind the device. In addition, the SubController app allows you to take a look at the calibration, which can be adjusted with individual tuning and presets to suit your own listening preferences and a wide variety of movies and music.


Convenient adjustment of the subwoofer from the listening position


Guarantees the best low-frequency sound at all times with presets and individual settings


The subsonic filter can be viewed and precisely adjusted.

Level Meter

The SubController app allows a view into the calibration.

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