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Velodyne Acoustics has been purchased by Audio Reference in Germany. After a year of intense negotiations with David Hall, owner of Velodyne, Audio Reference sealed the deal on November the 22nd in 2019.


SPL-X is coming!

We are proud to announce that the all new SPL-X series will soon be released.


Dear Customers,
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Audio Reference have been distributing Velodyne in Germany for more than 20 years and have unrivalled experience with the brand. The purchase extends to all stock, spares, patents, designs and tooling for Velodyne subwoofers.

The owner of Audio Reference, Mansour Mamaghani has commented, “We are very excited with the opportunity presented by the Velodyne purchase. Our goal is to reinstate Velodyne as the market leader for compact high powered subwoofers. We understand this will take some time, but we have already brought the Velodyne design team back together to review the existing product line and also our expectations for the future.”

The Velodyne Acoustcis website will be back online within a week. This will contain details of the current product line-up availability, but most importantly, how to obtain service support for existing Velodyne products globally. Velodyne’s global operation will now be based at the Audio Reference HQ in Hamburg, Germany.

Velodyne Acoustics remains a highly regarded brand. They were market leaders in compact high performance subwoofers for twenty five years. David Hall has sold Velodyne Acoustics to focus his attention on the Velodyne LIDAR division. It is a testament to the brilliance of David Hall, that he can lead two unique global technology brands in succession.

Sincerly yours,
Mansour Mamaghani