Maximum Dynamic Power (MDP)Maximum Dynamic Power (MDP)

Maximum power for the best low-frequency sound: amplifiers with MDP technology have more power reserves than comparable models with an IC design. This means that even the most demanding signals for low frequencies can be converted accurately and precisely. The MDP amplifiers from Velodyne Acoustics are also equipped with a unique protection circuit to ensure long-term enjoyment of the bass system.

Digital Drive Control System

Digital Drive Control System

With Velodyne Acoustics’ distortion-limiting Digital Drive Control system, subwoofers develop tighter, more accurate bass response. DDCS is an active, DSP-based system that ensures linear cone movement and delivers distortion-free reproduction.

Digital High-Gain Servo ControlDigital High-Gain Servo Control

With its Digital High Gain Servo Control technology, Velodyne Acoustics takes low-distortion bass reproduction to a new level. The patented technology uses a specially developed accelerometer to perfectly control diaphragm movement. These measurements take place so quickly one after the other that distortions are already avoided at the origin.

EQ Plus Equalizer & Auto-EX PlusEQ Plus Equalizer & Auto-EX Plus

The unique Auto-EQ Plus technology makes it possible to optimally adapt the subwoofer to individual living situations and different rooms. In addition, there are several presets that provide the perfectly tuned bass for every situation. Thanks to the included single-measurement microphone, real-time bass correction is very simple, with manual measurement processes and even further fine-tuning possible on the PC.

Subwoofer DirectSubwoofer Direct

Velodyne Acoustics’ exclusive Subwoofer Direct feature can optionally bypass the internal crossover. This ensures optimal performance in any music or home theater system when using an external receiver crossover.

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