Velodyne Acoustics SPL-X

With the SPL-X series, Velodyne Acoustics follows the lead of SPL Ultra and the legendary DD series.

An automatic room calibration ensures the best, distortion-free bass and a multitude of high-quality connections ensures a trouble-free connection.

Low-distortion low-frequency sound has never been so uncomplicated and powerful: The SPL-X series transforms the incoming LFE signal into precise bass and can be conveniently controlled via remote control. The potent AB amplifiers of the 12- and 10-inch subwoofers, along with the four-layer 65-millimeter voice coils in the SPL 1200-X and SPL-1000-X, provide the power for low frequencies. To ensure that the selection is optimally suited to every living situation, additional SPL-X units with 8- and 15-inch drivers will follow later in the year. Thanks to DSPs, the reproduction is precisely tuned to the room and comes into its own perfectly with both action-packed movies and music. For additional tuning to individual tastes, it is also possible to choose between several presets.

The connection-friendly subwoofers of the SPL-X series

do not only have the usual standard Cinch stereo and Cinch LFE, but can also fall back on XLR stereo and XLR LFE. For individual fine-tuning after calibration, the subwoofer is also equipped with a variable crossover and phase control, which allow the bass to play perfectly with the other speakers in the system.

The SPL-X series also has an automatic equalizer that can be conveniently operated remotely and is compatible with the in-house app.

The Features

  • Powerful Class AB power amplifiers and 65-millimeter voice coils ensure powerful low-frequency reproduction.
  • The automatic room calibration including microphone and stand ensures the best, distortion-free bass at any place.
  • With RCA LFE, RCA stereo, XLR LFE, XLR stereo and a speaker input, there is nothing left to be desired in terms of connection selection.
  • The presets Movie, Jazz/Classic, Rock/R&B and Game provide the right bass sound for all situations.
Velodyne Acoustics SPL X

The sealed 10- and 12-inch subwoofers of the SPL-X series

and the other models join the lineup of the legendary DD subwoofers and the bass-powerful SPL Ultra. With selectable presets, an app, convenient control and familiar precision, Velodyne Acoustics leaves nothing to be desired.

SPL 1200-X SPL 1000-X
Woofer 12″ (30.5cm) active forward,
12″ (30,5 cm) passive downwards
10″ (25,4 cm) active to the front,
10″ (25,4cm) passive downwards
Amplifier: Class
1200 watts dynamic 1000 watts dynamic
Cabinet construction Sealed cabinet Sealed cabinet
Frequency response 18-120 Hz 20-120 Hz
Voice coil 4-Layer 65mm 4-Layer 65mm
Cone Carbon Carbon
Magnet construction 35 lbs 35 lbs
Loudspeaker level
Full range Full range
30 to 200 Hz 40 to 200 Hz
Inputs Chinch LFE, Chinch Stereo,
XLR LFE, XLR Stereo,
Loudspeaker input
Chinch LFE, Chinch Stereo,
XLR LFE, XLR Stereo,
Loudspeaker input
Phase adjustment 0 to 180º 0 to 180º
Auto On / Off Yes Yes
Removable grill Yes Yes
LED power on indicator Yes Yes
App – Compatible Yes Yes
Color White or black glossy White or black glossy
Presets Movies, Jazz/Klassik, Rock/
R&B, Game
Movies, Jazz/Klassik, Rock/
R&B, Game
Microphone, cable, tripod, remote control Microphone, cable, tripod, remote control
Display Yes Yes
Guarantee 2 years (parts and labor ) 2 years (parts and labor )

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