Due to its compact size, the MicroVee subwoofer virtually disappears - except for its amazing bass output. It will make you think that it breaks the laws of physics.

The MicroVee’s incredibly small size is just the beginning. This new subwoofer features the latest generation of Velodyne’s patented ERS (Energy Recovery System) Class-D digital amplifier. This amazing amp supplies 2000 watts of dynamic power to deliver all the impact and excitement of the most dramatic special effect. And, with 1000 watts of continuous RMS power, it lets the MicroVee reproduce bass with detail and definition not found in any other subwoofer in its price range regardless of size. Rated at over 95% efficiency, the ERS amp used in the MicroVee generates minimal heat, making it incredibly reliable.

With over twenty years of experience building the world’s finest, most accurate subwoofers, you can depend on Velodyne’s MicroVee to deliver the excitement of home theater along with the complex rhythms of your favorite music, and do it all in a cabinet that all but disappears in your living environment.

To compliment this powerful amplifier, Velodyne has developed a three-driver system. The active 6.5” driver incorporates an aluminum cone and a dual-layer copper voice coil that assures linear travel as it handles the gigantic power deliver by the ERS amp. Two aluminum cone passive 6.5” drivers augment the active driver and are tuned to deliver the incredible output demanded by today’s home theaters. These technological breakthroughs in amplifier and speak design allow the MicroVee to create powerful, defined bass that you won’t believe possible from such a tiny size.

Velodyne’s exclusive distortion limited Dynamic Drive Control System (DDCS) assures the tight, accurate, musical bass for which Velodyne is world-famous. DDCS is an active, signal-based system that assures linear cone movement and controls the driver’s frequency and distortion characteristics. DDCS reduces distortion to 1/6th that of competitive subwoofers.
Like all Velodyne subwoofers, the MicroVee incorporates anti-clipping circuitry to limit amplifier clipping distortion, and Velodyne’s exclusive “Subwoofer Direct” feature that bypasses the internal crossover to assure optimum performance in any music or home theater system.


Key Features

Active/Passive System

One active 6.5" driver (5" piston diameter) and two 6.5" passive radiators (5" piston diameter)

Extremely Small

The MicroVee is the tiniest subwoofer Velodyne ever made at 9"x9"x9.6" HWD

Energy Recovery System

Patented Energy Recovery System amplifier with 2000 watts dynamic and 1000 watts RMS power.

Extruded Aluminum Cabinet

A ribbed extruded aluminum cabinet that dissipates heat built up



6.5" Subwoofer

Frequency Response

38 - 120 Hz (± 3dB)


Technical Specification

Driver 1x Active 6.5” forward firing cone
2x Passive side-firing radiators
Amplifier Class D 2000 watts dynamic
1000 watts RMS power
Frequency Response: (± 3 dB) 38 - 120 Hz
THD <1 % (typical)
Low Pass Crossover 50 Hz - 200 Hz (adjustable)
12dB octave, 48 dB ultimate
Phase 0 or 180 degrees
Magnet Structure 4 lbs.
Voice Coil 2" Dual Layer
Cone Anodized Aluminum
Input LFE Line level (RCA)
Input L&R Speaker-level, mini-jack, and gold plated line-level
Output (L&R) Speaker-level (120Hz high-pass crossover), mini-jack thru
Included Accessories 1/8th” (3.5mm) Audio cable
Dimensions (H/W/D) (includes feet and grill) 9" x 9" x 9.6" (22.9 cm x 22.9 cm x 24.4 cm)
Shipping Weight (approx) 20 lbs.