The wireless Wi-Q embodies three decades of leadership in bass technology.

The Wi-Q is affordable, powerful, feature-rich and can be quickly and easily integrated into any entertainment system without the use of messy cables. A simple push of “EQ” on the remote and the exclusive, built-in processor produces optimal bass in your room from any source.

You’ll get incredible output, maximum impact, and deep bass performance from the Wi-Q no matter where you place it. Just choose your preferred location, set the included microphone in your favorite seating position, push the EQ button on the remote, and let the digitally controlled five-band equalizer automatically adjust your subwoofer for great sounding bass.

Wi-Q subwoofers are easily placed in any location or concealed in custom cabinetry. They are designed to provide maximum output, but blend beautifully into your space.

Wi-Q subwoofers offer ease-of-use through a simple remote control that lets you control all your subwoofer’s functions from the comfort of your favorite chair with clear and visible feedback on the front panel. Features include Auto EQ, presets, night mode, volume control, light control, and phase adjustment.

Experience the dramatic effect of pulsing drumbeats or extremely low, sustained pedal notes in a classical organ piece with clean and dynamic bass peaks. Wi-Q’s efficient, digital Class D amplifiers reproduce the dramatic impact of these difficult, ultra-low frequencies easily and accurately.

Wi-Q features custom-designed extended excursion drivers engineered with vented pole-pieces that increase power handling and assure long-term reliability. The dual layer large copper voice coils are specifically matched with massive 5.36 and 7.4 lb magnets to provide dynamic bass you can literally feel.

Our exclusive distortion limiting system works with digital precision to achieve maximum performance from both the amplifier and woofer motor structure without overdriving. The result is deeper bass extension, bigger impact, and less distortion.

An adjustable 40 Hz-120 Hz low pass crossover allows the sub to ideally match any main speakers. The subwoofer direct feature allows the Wi-Q to play the output of the LFE channel of a 5.1 or 7.1 channel receiver unaltered, assuring the highest levels of performance.


Key Features


Wireless signal transmission via Velodyne’s WiConnect System

Distortion Limiter

Digital distortion limiting system

Auto Equalizer

One-touch Auto-EQ room bass correction


Four one-touch listening presets


Wi-Q 10

10” Subwoofer

Frequency Response

16 - 240 Hz (overall)
28 - 120 Hz (± 3dB)

Wi-Q 12

12” Subwoofer

Frequency Response

14.6 - 240 Hz (overall)
25 - 120 Hz (± 3dB)


Technical Specification

Wi-Q 10 Wi-Q 12
Driver 10" forward firing, 8.2" piston diameter 12" forward firing, 9.7" piston diameter
Amplifier Class D 390 watts dynamic
195 watts RMS power
450 watts dynamic
225 watts RMS power
Frequency Response: Overall
Frequency Response: (± 3 dB)
16 - 240 Hz
28 - 120 Hz
14.6 - 240 Hz
25 - 120 Hz
Cabinet Design Extended Excursion, Down-firing port
High Pass Crossover 80 Hz at 6 dB/octave
Low Pass Crossover 40 - 135 Hz adjustable (12 dB/octave, 24 dB ultimate)
Phase 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees
Magnet Structure Weight 5.36 lbs. 7.40 lbs.
Voice Coil 2" 2-layer copper
Cone Reinforced fiber
Outputs Gold plated line-level Nickel plated speaker level
Inputs Gold plated line level Nickel plated speaker level
Wi-Q Transmitter Frequency 2.4 GHz
Wi-Q Transmitter Range) 50' (15m)
Included Accessories Mic, mic stand, remote control, transmitter & power supply
Dimensions (H/W/D) (includes feet and connectors) 17.31" x 15.25" x 17" (44 x 38.7 x 43.2 cm) 18.44" x 16.375" x 18" (46.8 x 41.6 x 45.7 cm)
Shipping Weight (approx) 41 lbs. 47 lbs.