Velodyne Acoustics Wi-Connect Transmitter

Perfect low frequency, no cables

With the Wi-Connect Transmitter, the connection cable to the subwoofer is a thing of the past.
The small accessory thus makes the perfect, flexible placement possible.

The Wi-Connect system

makes it possible to wirelessly supply an active subwoofer or most active speakers with the audio signal. For this purpose, the small device has a wireless 2.4 GHz transmitter and receiver for frequencies ranging from 6 Hz to 16 kHz with 3 dB level reduction. With excellent wireless transmission, Wi-Connect ensures all the details and effects of beloved movies and music. The system from Velodyne Acoustics also has multiple radio channels to avoid interference with other devices in the house.

The Features

  • High transmission range of 16.5 meters
  • Wireless, uncomplicated connection of subwoofers and active speakers
  • Four radio channels for interference-free connection
  • Compact system for frequencies from 6 Hz to 16 kHz with 3 dB level reduction
Velodyne Acoustics Wi-Connect Transmitter

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