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Full low-frequency performance for any situation

When the low-frequency sound in action scenes or the soundtrack of a film plays out with striking rhythms, or when double bass and deep organ tones are heard in musical compositions, this sound immediately fascinates the listener. The bass is therefore as much responsible for creating a unique atmosphere in films as it is in music. If you want to experience this extraordinary atmosphere not only in the cinema or the concert hall, you need a speaker system with subwoofer. Velodyne Acoustics offers here the right solutions for every room and thus also all the benefits of woofers.

What exactly are the advantages of a subwoofer?

  • Large diaphragm surface and high volume make particularly deep bass possible
  • Correctly adjusted, it cannot be acoustically located in the room
  • Full intensity of low frequencies – even with small main speakers
  • Relieves the low-range effect on the other speakers in a system

More about the low frequency specialist

Basically, a lot of air volume has to be moved or made to vibrate for the reproduction of particularly low frequencies, which works best with a large diaphragm surface. For this reason, woofers are also significantly larger than the midrange and tweeter drivers within the rest of the system. Especially when the focus is on a slim design for floor-standing or bookshelf speakers, there is no room for large woofers or mid-bass drivers in the cabinet of 3-way or 2-way speakers. The situation is similar for the very popular on-wall speakers from the home theater sector: the often flat design is optimal for installation, but the lower cut-off frequency is not sufficient to reproduce explosions or massive techno tracks in full bass intensity.
The solution for a precise and even piercing low-frequency sound is therefore a properly dimensioned specialist: the subwoofer. Properly integrated, it brings more liveliness and perceptible dynamics to music and movies and also supports the main speakers of the system.

For this, frequencies above a set value, the cutoff frequency, are passed along to the subwoofer. Depending on the configuration, it then takes over the low frequency below 60-100 Hertz and the other speakers can fully concentrate on the sounds above. If you want a subwoofer that plays particularly low in the living room or home theater, the lower cutoff frequency is important – this also indicates in the unit Hertz how far down the special woofer can climb in the frequency range.

Subwoofer Direct

Subwoofer Direct

Subwoofer Direct is just one of many exclusive technologies from Velodyne Acoustics. This option bypasses the subwoofer’s internal crossover to always provide the best acoustic solution in a system with an AV receiver including its own crossover.

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Help with speaker placement

With a subwoofer, the placement of the speakers often becomes easier. The best example is the listening room at the dealer: Here the speakers are placed in a perfect stereo triangle in a demonstration room with very good acoustics. At home, things look different again. Window surfaces and open living rooms make life a bit more difficult for interested hi-fi enthusiasts here and often require compromises when it comes to placement. This makes a wide audience area with precise bass a real challenge. Here again, the subwoofer comes into play. Depending on the location, it can reproduce the low frequencies for all channels, calibrate them and solve some acoustic problems with a suitable cutoff frequency. In practically every case, the subwoofer thus helps to create a better system and charms listeners with its tactile, authentic reproduction.

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