Low frequency with the
elemental force of the sea
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Highest precision
at lowest frequencies
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Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee X Great sound
in a small space
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Velodyne Acoustics SPL X Connector friendly
and powerful bass
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Velodyne Acoustics SC-600 IW Invisible bass power Velodyne Acoustics SubContractor
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Digital Drive Control System

Digital Drive Control System

With Velodyne Acoustics’ distortion-limiting Digital Drive Control system, subwoofers develop tighter, more accurate bass response. DDCS is an active, DSP-based system that ensures linear cone movement and delivers distortion-free reproduction.

Velodyne Acoustics


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MicroVee X

Amazing bass performance in a compact size: The MicroVee X combines Velodyne Acoustics’ patented technologies in a living room-friendly chassis.

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Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee X

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