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Velodyne Acoustics subwoofers are designed with a passion

for giving you the best possible low-frequency foundation for music, movies and games. That’s what we’ve been researching for more than 35 years.
But we also focus on another important premise – providing you with a product you can enjoy for a long time. That’s why we give you our Velodyne Acoustics Premium manufacturer’s warranty.

2 Jahre Garantie als Standard

2 years warranty as standard – plus warranty extension

All Velodyne Acoustics subwoofers come with a 2-year premium warranty. By registering your product through this link, you will receive an additional year of warranty. *

5 Jahre Garantie für die Spitzenmodelle

5-year warranty for the top models – plus warranty extension

Velodyne Acoustics’ top-of-the-line models come with a 5-year warranty. So, you can be absolutely sure about your investment in the best sound. Again, by registering, you will receive an additional year of warranty.*

Premium Warranty

Our Velodyne Acoustics Premium manufacturer’s warranty covers all major components, such as:

  • cabinet & terminal
  • Loudspeaker
  • Integrated electronics

Please note that the Velodyne Acoustics Premium Warranty does not apply in the event of misuse or electrical or mechanical overload.

Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee MKII

Long spare parts availability

At Velodyne Acoustics, we are proud to be able to provide you with many years of enjoyment from our products. However, over the years, certain parts may wear out or be lost – such as the remote control, the measurement microphone or the front cover. We also keep spare parts for products that are more than 20 years old. Through our service we keep these parts in stock, just contact us.

Repair centers all around the world

You will find the best service in warranty cases at Velodyne Acoustics all over the world, whether you live in North America, Europe or Asia. In Germany, the service center is located at the Velodyne Acoustics headquarters in Hamburg.
The ways here are personal and short: Your individual questions will be answered by the service technician himself.

*The extended Velodyne Acoustics warranty may only be exercised by the original purchaser upon presentation of the warranty card and invoice within two months of purchase (date on invoice). Should the unit be resold during the special warranty period, the unit must be inspected by either Velodyne Acoustics or an authorized dealer.

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