Velodyne Acoustics SPL Ultra

The SPL Ultra series follows in the footsteps of the legendary DD series,

which revolutionized the subwoofer market with the world’s first automatic room calibration. With SPL Ultra, Velodyne Acoustics is further expressing the concept of the DD series.With the Velodyne Acoustics SPL Ultra series, precise and low-distortion bass becomes very easy to implement. In doing so, the respective amplifiers and the 8-, 10- and 12-inch drivers provide enormous power in the low frequencies.

With DSPs (digital signal processors), the SPL Ultra Series is closely monitored to get the best possible performance in the room and minimize distortion. Thanks to the variable crossover and phase control, nothing stands in the way of fine-tuning the subwoofer – so the low end harmonizes perfectly with the mids and highs of the main speakers.

The display shows

the volume, crossover and phase settings at a glance. The SPL Ultra series also features an automatic equalizer that adjusts the frequency response of the subwoofer to the acoustics of the room and can be operated from the comfort of the sofa. After calibration, there’s a whole new low-frequency experience: clean, low-distortion bass, no matter how big the room or where the subwoofer is placed.

The Features

  • Powerful Class-D amplifiers and 3-inch voice coils provide the best low frequency reproduction for every listening situation.
  • Automatic 7-band equalizer for room calibration including microphone ensures distortion-free bass from a wide range of room placements.
  • A circuit for determining the driver excursion prevents overloading and clipping.
  • The elegant, hand-polished lacquer surface in black or white is a real eye-catcher in the home theater.

The 8-, 10- and 12-inch subwoofers of the SPL Ultra series

are the impressive further development of the legendary DD subwoofers. From the housing with increased rigidity, to the digital amplifiers with optimized circuits, to the drivers and the operating concept, everything has been optimized.

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